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Home and Office PC Repair

Broken Screen,System/Motherboard repair,Keyboard Repair,Memory Upgrade,Liquid Spillage,Broken Screen,Desktop Speakers,Circuit board Repair

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Laptop Repair

Broken Screen,System/Motherboard repair,Laptop Keyboard Repair,Laptop Memory Upgrade,Liquid Spillage,Broken Screen,Laptop Overheating,Laptop Speakers,Laptop Circuit board Repair

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Internet Connection Setup,
Wired LAN and WAN configuration and Security, Router and Switches repair.

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Virus and Spyware Removal

Computer does not boot,Computer keep restarting,Computer screen is blank,Computer freezes intermittently,Computer is running very slow Computer screen goes blank, Applications are taking a long time to open

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Software Installation

Computer Operating System, Accounting Software, Antivirus Software, DTP Software.

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CCTV Services

CCTV Camera intallation,Cabling or Wiring.

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